Animal Medical Services

Glenwood Pet Hospital is a full service hospital with many diagnostic tools available to fully evaluate your pet’s condition. From pediatrics to seniors, we have the necessary services to make sure they are evaluated completely and if ill, diagnosed early so that intervention can occur. Diagnostics include but not limited to:

  • Blood monitoring (CBC/Chemistry/Thyroid/Phenobarbital level/Fructosamine level/Heartworm disease/Tick-borne disease/FeLV and FIV/Pancreatitis test
  • Complete Urinalysis (including SDMA and UPC levels)
  • Blood Pressure
  • Fine Needle Aspirates
  • Fluorescein Stain (eye ulcer test)
  • Schirmer Tear Test for Dry eye
  • Tonopen for glaucoma
  • Cautery machine
  • Cryopen
  • ECG

Using these tools we are able to diagnose and provide your pet with treatment right on the spot! We have the capabilities of hospitalization overnight, as well as an isolation ward for our contagious pets. If more in depth diagnostics are needed, we can use our out of hospital laboratory (i.e. intestinal parasite testing, biopsy, Cushing’s disease test, liver function tests etc.)