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Is your pet hamster not eating? Do they appear uncomfortable or hunched? Are they less active than normal? Glenwood Pet Hospital recommends hamsters have a wellness exam annually so our team can address any concerns you have about your hamster’s health. Our small animal vet can not only provide high quality care, but also educate you about the necessary care to ensure your hamster stays healthy between visits.

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What Are Pet Hamster Basics?

Our team is here to help you provide the best possible care for your pet hamster, including:

Good quality hamster pellet diet

Small amounts of fruits and vegetables

Housing hamsters individually

Spacious cage with nesting and bedding materials

Hamster balls, wheels, tunnels

At-Home Care for Hamsters in Erie, PA

While it’s important to schedule regular exams for your hamster, it is also important to provide appropriate care for them in between visits as well! Exotic pets such as hamsters require care that is different than the traditional pet, but if provided the necessary diet, engagement and housing, your pet hamster will thrive! See our recommendations below.

Just like any other pet, hamsters should be fed a diet that meets their nutritional needs. The Glenwood Pet team recommends feeding your hamster quality pellets such as Oxbow with at least 24% protein. A small quantity of fruits, vegetables and grass hay may also be provided may be offered, but be sure to ask your hamster vet for individual recommendations for your hamster.

Hamsters are more active at night and will often bury their food in the material on the floor of their cage. They also enjoy exploring and will need close monitoring if you decide to place them in a hamster ball, especially if there are other pets such as dogs, cats, or birds in the home.

Suitable housing would be a large, durable cage  made of stainless steel, durable plastic, or wire mesh that can safely secure your hamster. Absorbent nesting and bedding material is a necessity and regular cleaning is imperative as well. Their territorial nature means that they are best housed by themselves. Adding tunnels, solid plastic exercise wheels, nest boxes is a great way to provide enrichment for your hamster. Be certain the environment in which they are housed is maintained around 68-75°F with 40-60% humidity.

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