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The team at Glenwood Pet Hospital knows you want the very best for your pet. We believe an essential part of your pet’s overall health is ensuring they receive the necessary vaccinations to protect them from serious illness or disease. We recommend scheduling vaccine appointments once a year to provide optimal protection for your companion. Your veterinarian can create an individualized vaccination plan based on your pet’s age and vaccination history. Vaccinating your pet can protect their health and your family’s health, as well as the other animals your pet interacts with!

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Dog Vaccinations We Offer

This dog vaccine is given during your dog’s puppy shots at six to eight weeks of age with additional doses every three to four weeks until they are 16 weeks old. After your dog has completed their puppy shots, they will receive this vaccine every three years after that.

This common and contagious illness can attack your dog’s respiratory system. It is most often spread via contact with infected dogs in boarding facilities, doggie daycares, or dog parks. We recommend puppies receive the initial dose during their first visit with us, and an additional dose three to four weeks later.

This vaccine can protect your dog from a fatal bacterial disease. It is primarily spread through contact with infected wild animals, water, or urine and may cause liver and kidney damage in humans and dogs. Your dog will receive two doses three to four weeks apart, and then annually thereafter.

All domesticated dogs must be vaccinated for rabies by Pennsylvania law. This often-fatal virus attacks the brain and spinal cords of dogs and humans. At Glenwood Pet, your dog will receive this vaccine at around 12 weeks old.

This dog vaccination is optional, but it can protect your pet against Lyme disease which is most often spread by ticks. Signs of infection may range from mild to severe, including fever, lethargy, joint pain, and lameness. We administer this vaccine via two initial doses three weeks apart and then annually to maintain protection. Your veterinarian can provide a recommendation for your pet based on their lifestyle.

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Cat Vaccinations We Offer

As with dogs, rabies is a fatal virus that can seriously affect the brain and spinal cord of cats and humans. We highly recommend your cat receives this vaccine around 12 weeks old and then subsequent Purevax doses are administered every three years afterward.

This cat vaccination provides protection against feline viral rhinotracheitis, calici virus and panleukopenia. These highly contagious diseases can inflict damage on your cat’s respiratory and gastrointestinal systems. We recommend felines receive their FVRCP vaccine with their kitten shots at six weeks old and booster shots provided every three weeks until 16 weeks of age. When their kitten shots are completed, another dose is given one year later and then once every three years after.

Feline leukemia heavily affects your cat’s immune system and provokes cancerous conditions. It may not initially present any outward symptoms, which makes it more difficult to detect and treat. Our team recommends cats receive this vaccine at nine weeks old to ensure they have proper protection.

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