Rabbit Veterinarian
in Erie, PA

With expert care and compassion, rabbits can make wonderful pets. We recommend rabbits come in once per year so our veterinarians can ensure they are growing properly and receiving the necessary care they require.

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rabbit vet erie, pa

Essential Care for Rabbits

Rabbits have specific needs that must be met to live a full and healthy life by your side including:

Regular physical exams & dental appointments

Weight management

Balanced diet

Blood work

Signs Your Rabbit Needs Veterinary Attention

It may be tougher to identify but there are a few different behaviors or symptoms that may indicate your pet can benefit from a visit to our rabbit veterinarian in Erie, PA:
Not eating or decrease in appetite
Labored breathing
Loss of balance
Grinding their teeth
Runny eyes or nose
A lack of or decrease in stool

Get the best care for your best friend.

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