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At Glenwood Pet Hospital, our rodent veterinarian wants to see your rat or mouse every year to ensure they are in tip top shape! We can ensure pets of all species, including rats and mice, are taken care of as part of our dedication to a lifetime of care for pets in the Erie, PA community. Schedule your mouse or rat’s annual appointment today!

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When to Bring Your Rat or Mouse to the Vet

All pets react to pain or illness differently, and if you don’t know the warning signs, it may be hard to identify if they are experiencing any pain or discomfort. We recommend contacting our animal hospital if you notice these behaviors:

  • Lack of or complete absence of appetite
  • Decrease in or trouble passing stool
  • Looking uncomfortable or hunched
  • Quieter than usual

Rodent Veterinary Care in Erie, PA

The team at Glenwood Pet Hospital is happy to help provide the essential care your pet rat or mouse needs to thrive in their life with you. The following aspects of care are key to ensuring your rat or mouse maintains their quality of life:

rodent veterinarian in erie, pa

Rat/Mouse Pellet Diet

Wire Mesh Wall Enclosures

Wooden or Paper Chew Toys

Small Quantities of Fruits and Vegetables

Spaying to Prevent Mammary Tumors

In addition to an annual wellness exam for rats and mice, we recommend spaying your pet rat, as they are prone to developing mammary tumors and pituitary gland tumors. Tumors in rats are often benign, which means they aren’t a danger to your pet; however it is recommended to have surgery to remove these tumors due to their large size. Spaying your rat when they are 3 to 5 months old will reduce the chances of tumor development to 6%! Your rat veterinarian can make more specific recommendations for care if necessary.

At-Home Care for Rats and Mice

Owning an exotic pet such as a rat or mouse requires a different kind of daily care than a dog or cat. As a small animal veterinarian, we can provide recommendations to help you take the best care of your furry friend.

Rats and mice should be fed good quality rat and mouse pellets with at least 16% crude protein and 4-5% fat, such as Oxbow or Mazuri. We recommend avoiding mixes of cereal, fruits, seeds, and grains sold in pet stores, as they can lead to obesity and dental issues in rodents.

There are many options available for rodent enclosures. Appropriate housing for a rat or mouse would be spacious and well ventilated, as well as include:

  • Mesh walls that will not allow escape
  • If multi-story enclosure, wire mesh must have narrow spacing to prevent injury
  • Durable base floor
  • Paper-based absorbent bedding (no aspen, pine, and cedar bedding)

Candles, incense, aerosol products, scented products, aromatic diffusers/essential oils, or heavily scented cleaning products may irritate your rat or mouse’s respiratory tract and should not be used or stored near their enclosure. Cleaning should take place at least once a week. Make certain that all parts of your pet’s housing are dried completely before returning your pet to their enclosure. Cleaning and changing the water bottles and ensuring they are working properly is also essential to their care.

Both rats and mice are nocturnal, but can be flexible and adapt to your lifestyle. These rodents are very sociable and would greatly benefit from playing and interacting with you for a few hours each day. Rats and mice are very curious but also very smart pets and can be quick to learn basic training commands. Provide toys for mental stimulation as well such as wooden or paper-based chew toys. They also enjoy hammocks, thick rope bridges, and hiding hutches in their enclosures. Whether your rat or mouse is playing with another, or they are exploring the environment outside of their enclosure, we always recommend careful monitoring to ensure your pet stays safe. Females rats especially tend to rough-house with each other and should be watched in case injuries do occur and veterinary attention is required.

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